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Do you dream....

of a life lived on your own terms?

Is there a still small voice that whispers to you in the night?

You’ve done all of the right things in life. You’ve lived for everyone else.  Made everyone else happy.  You’ve been wife, mother, daughter  friend…so busy being who you had to be…you have forgotten who you are.

Sound familiar?

Meet Michele

I struck out on my own to see, feel and experience all that life had to offer. I started living again.

Slowly, day by day, some times minute by minute... but I did it…and it felt AMAZING!!

Now, five years later—I’m helping women just like you resurrect the rebel inside and breathe fresh vigor into their lives.

That little voice… it’s the rebel inside of you!

Wake it up! Rev it up! Set it free!

I can show you how I have made peace with my past, kicked self-sabotage to the curb, taken a stand for what I do and do Not want for my life, met and married my true soul mate, dared to dream of world travel and unapologetically rocked my life on every level!

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