I was recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation Type 1. I’m not happy about it…and honestly..it stinks. I’ve been waiting for something to happen..to get real help..to find the right doctor before starting this blog. I wanted to bravely tell of my story with a happily ever after ending. Well, folks..it just ain’t gonna happen…not today.. and not venting about it..well..it’s making matters worse. I’m retreating inside myself, and that’s no bueno for me. So in the days and weeks to come..I’ll spill my Chiari story..hopefully into a tale that will someday help someone else with their journey.   For now..at least I got started..that’s a big step, so now…now I will try to sleep..comforted by the thought that I made a step, I started a new blog…I won’t be a victim hiding in the dark..never again..Chiari won’t beat me.

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Thoughts on Post Election Paroxysm

Thoughts on how the Presidential Election has (not) affected my writing life. I have spent over a week…almost two…pouring every ounce of my energy into holding my shit together… I’ve written a few pieces that honestly would make a saint want to kill themselves…and I’ve got a total numbness to the election. Surprise?…yes..but in a…


My website is under construction–converting it to more of a blog and removing content from my coaching business.  Forgive the confusion…I’ll have it sparkling new in a jiffy. (PSSST…..Watch for new content…There is a new book in the works!)

Writing With The Muse

Writing it out— Just a note about letting the muse work. I noticed a marked difference in the content of my writing while in Carmel. Mainly, the difference is that now I sit down with no forethought of what I will write. If I’m doing research or structuring chapters, that is a different mindset. I’m talking about…

Ready to Rev Up Your Inner Rebel?

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