Written Jan 30, 2013 7:22am           

I learned my lesson, and have kept the pain meds on a strict schedule. Dr. Kim’s office called around noon yesterday..and I found that the pain level I have is normal, everything is normal. They said to wait a few more days before trying to back off the pain pills again..to rest..that my brain is inflamed in the two surgical areas and it basically has to re-learn how to process pain while adjusting to the changes in CSF pressure. I’m no neuro guru..so this is all new territory to me. I had read alot about post op care..but nothing told me how uncomfortable this would be. My sweet Chiari friend, Megan had warned me..but I didn’t really get it…NOW I GET IT! I’m thankful for her as she has allowed me to vent and whine to her. I had a visit from Linda Stallard yesterday, she brought us a wonderful pot roast for dinner last night. Later in the day, Tami and Jason came for a visit. Jason is still waiting on results on his possible aneurysm. It was nice to sit on the sofa and laugh like a normal person. Friends are priceless right now. It really lifts my spirits to visit with people. Yes, It’s exhausting, but very worthwhile. Mom has agreed to stay until after my post op appt. on February 5. I’m so glad to have her here…I couldn’t imagine being home alone everyday right now.
Have a wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for your continued support!

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