You Don’t Have To Let It Own You

Lately, a trend has been showing itself to me. I have seen it in ordinary women, moms, grandmothers, young adults.  When I encounter these women,the trend flashes before me like a neon sign blaring boldly for all to see, yet remaining obscure to most of the women held captive by it.

This elusive trend?  Shame.

Shame that keeps its victim held captive to an old mindset, to a past indiscretion, to a personal assault.  Shame that smashes confidence, prevents its victim from living fully, keeps them in the chains of discontent and dulls their sparkle.

Living free of one’s old story is victorious, courageous and, honestly, hard freaking work.   I know from personal experience.  Freedom comes with a price, perseverance  and a truckload of tears.

You may wonder “Facing demons like emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, rejection, unworthiness, broken trust, trauma..Where is the fun and freedom in that?  Isn’t  it easier to sweep these thoughts under the proverbial carpet, stuff them down inside and behave as if they never happened?”  Well, yes, that could be the more comfy, cozy  and palatable approach.  However, the real question you should ask yourself is this: “Does stuffing it down ever set you free?”

How do you know if you are free?  Oh, Honey!  When you are living free of shame…You will know!  The snare of shame will hold its victim in a place of powerless in different areas of their lives.  Perhaps you are unable to open yourself up to an intimate relationship.  Maybe you fear being visible in the world, speaking your truth, taking up for yourself or even forming true, deep friendships.  Suppose you have a business idea or offer that you just can’t seem to  birth into the world or you know at the core of your being that there is so much more inside of you that you have never allowed the world to see.

You Don't Have To Let It Own You

These are all symptoms of a life shackled to shame.

Great news!  If this is your story. You don’t have to let it own you!  You can rise above it, drop the drama surrounding it and let it fuel your future! The best way to do this?

First, get really clear and honest about what you are feeling and why.

Second, forgive yourself for being bound to this story for so long.

Third, reach out for the help you need to do either of the first or second things and make a plan to move forward.

Lastly (and for the st of your life), live your life on your own terms, prioritize self-love, truth and authenticity, introduce your inner badass to the world.

You have it all with in you to #befree.  Take it from a girl that has been there—You don’t have to let it own you!

When you are ready to be free, I would love to chat with you about it and see if you are ready for personal mentorship.

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