January 3, 2013 I had some wonderful conversations with people today and many well wishes and promises of prayer. My sweet friend Amy said, “I just want to put my arms around you”..I told her..and I’ll tell all of you..your notes, texts, emails and FB messages are like hugs..and I can feel them here inContinue Reading

I’m going to include posts from my CaringBridge site as I’ve spent more time on there lately: Background Story:Several months ago, an MRI revealed Chiari Malformation Type 1. This diagnosis not only explained the extreme bouts of dizziness, but also a lifetime of headaches, fatigue and memory problems. Basically, Chiari has hindered my health sinceContinue Reading

Okay..enough for the holidays..back to work. I’m becoming consumed with Chiari..Obsessed with Chiari Awareness…Treatment really shouldn’t be THIS difficult or THIS expensive. SO on with the tale… Once upon a time there was a little girl with a big brain…No..wait…that’s not the story at all.Let’s go back a few months… I get the call..Nurse: “Ms.Continue Reading

I was recently diagnosed with Chiari Malformation Type 1. I’m not happy about it…and honestly..it stinks. I’ve been waiting for something to happen..to get real help..to find the right doctor before starting this blog. I wanted to bravely tell of my story with a happily ever after ending. Well, folks..it just ain’t gonna happen…not today..Continue Reading

It Shouldn’t Have Happened To Her

It shouldn’t have happened to her or them or him or even— to me.  My eyes open to the gift of life each morning with hope and expectation.  The hope of a good day at work and the automatic expectation that the day will result in a return trip home, crawling into bed and drifting…

Notes from Writing Class

Last night in class, our instructor had us write letters to ourselves from our persistence and from our inspiration. Great writing prompts. We had three minutes to write each one.  I thought I would share just for fun.  Maybe you need encouragement to press on towards a goal.  Write a quick letter to yourself! The…

Musings about Love from An Essay of Transformation

The more I learn about love, about simply loving- the more I am endeared to it, permeated by it and transformed into a vessel of it.  Love mystifies me. Love is a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, an exclamation, a question, a name, a sin, a choice, an antonym for hate, it is…

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