You Don’t Have To Let It Own You

Lately, a trend has been showing itself to me. I have seen it in ordinary women, moms, grandmothers, young adults.  When I encounter these women,the trend flashes before me like a neon sign blaring boldly for all to see, yet remaining obscure to most of the women held captive by it. This elusive trend?  Shame.Continue Reading

Magic Mojo Monday

  Kick off your Monday with a bang!  Starting out on a positive note, with the intention and expectation that miracles are headed your way pump up your believe, enthusiasm and endorphins!  Don’t let Monday get you down, this is #MagicMojoMonday.  Couldn’t you use a little magic?

Rallying Over Resistance

  Yesterday, and the day before that…and the day before that–I felt like I had the entire weight of the world on my shoulders.  I felt so heavy and burdened. I had resistance to working, interacting with others, even talking on the phone. Do you ever feel this way?  Do you ever have this resistance,Continue Reading

What Are You Afraid Of?

Hello Beauties! I hope your week is starting out in a fabulous way! Here is a thought to mull over today.. I’ve had several sessions lately with women who are so trapped in fear that they can’t move forward. Not necessarily fears of physical harm, more like internal fears: Such as: fear of not beingContinue Reading

I Had To Apologize

I had to apologize…it’s just part of who I am.  When I feel I’ve wronged someone, whether they are aware of it or not…I must apologize. It’s what I’m made of, the fiber of my being. The part of me that is ME. SO here, I am re-posting my apology to the Chiari/Arachnoid Cyst Communities.Continue Reading

Independence Day Blues?

Holidays of any kind can bring up a multitude of emotions.  In my not-so-distant past, I found myself sad and really emotional on holidays…Even less than sentimental ones like today.. The Fourth of July! I realized at some point I had grown to dread holidays.  I was having a total love/hate relationship that I couldContinue Reading

When Pain Enters The Game

    What really happens when pain enters the game? When our bodies unwillingly dive into fight or flight mode? When the silent (or not so silent) alarm goes off within our neurotransmitters that alerts us to pain? Physical, blatant, oh-damn-that-really-hurt pain. Invisible, silent, my-life-willnever- be-the-same pain. Screaming, shouting, why-won’t-they-listen-to-me pain. Aching, longing when-will-it-ever-stop pain.Continue Reading

Thoughts About April Fools Day

Do you observe April Fool’s Day? And by observe I mean, play pranks on others or pretend it’s funny when others play a trick on you? I’ve honestly never gotten the humor in this holiday. I can’t see it ever being highlighted in yellow on my calendar. To me, Arbor Day is more exciting… enoughContinue Reading

Musings about Love from An Essay of Transformation

The more I learn about love, about simply loving- the more I am endeared to it, permeated by it and transformed into a vessel of it.  Love mystifies me. Love is a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, an exclamation, a question, a name, a sin, a choice, an antonym for hate, it is…

The Camino de Santiago…and Why I have to go.

  I am three months into preparation to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage  (aka The Way of St. James) beginning in St. Jean Pied de Port, France and ending at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I still have several months of preparations to make…but am now, today, making my intention public. Four years ago, my…

An Essay of Transformation

Sadness envelopes me like a shroud. Spindly, grisly fingers of despair clutch my throat, the heaviness of grief slowly crushing my chest as rise and fall of respirations slows to a lethal pace.  Remaining bubbles of life-giving oxygen escape my body.  Numb with death, a single tear slips down my cheek, the only evidence life…

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