And Then It Came Back

“And then….it came back…” I remember reading this words on someone else’s Chiari blog, speaking of her post operative experience.I thought, “How horrible, to go through that awful surgery, to have the elation of beginning to feel great, then the disappointment of symptoms slowly coming back–that would never happen to me-that must be REALLY RARE.”Continue Reading


Well, sports’s been a heck of a week.I pulled off another week of  three back to back 12 hr shifts.I was exhausted, but still decided to pick up an extra 4 hr. shift on Thursday morning.Which seemed like a great idea until about 3 a.m. Thursday morning.I felt something, I’m not sure what butContinue Reading

August Update!

August Update!

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a month..Where has the time gone?Well, let me tell you what I’ve been up to.A LOT! As of yesterday, I’m 7 mths post op. My posterior fossa decompression seems like a distant memory.  (Which I hope doesn’t mean my memory is impaired..darn brain damage..LOL!) I’ve gone backContinue Reading

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1/2 ZIPPERVERSARY Reflections

Yesterday marked 6 mths since my Chiari Decompression.  Wow! –What  a Journey! What have I learned?  A LOT!  I’ve learned that patience is vital in recovery, patience with yourself, patience with others.  I’ve learned that for every person that supports you..two will let you down.  I’ve learned that people are afraid of you when youContinue Reading

Become a Chiaritarian!

I’m becoming more disgruntled with a society that won’t take their health into their own hands.Why do we complain about doctors that don’t listen, but take their little poisonous pills anyway?Many People totally disregard nutrition in their quest for wellness. I hate to admit I fell into this trap for a few months. I livedContinue Reading

Musings about Love from An Essay of Transformation

The more I learn about love, about simply loving- the more I am endeared to it, permeated by it and transformed into a vessel of it.  Love mystifies me. Love is a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, an exclamation, a question, a name, a sin, a choice, an antonym for hate, it is…

The Camino de Santiago…and Why I have to go.

  I am three months into preparation to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage  (aka The Way of St. James) beginning in St. Jean Pied de Port, France and ending at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. I still have several months of preparations to make…but am now, today, making my intention public. Four years ago, my…

An Essay of Transformation

Sadness envelopes me like a shroud. Spindly, grisly fingers of despair clutch my throat, the heaviness of grief slowly crushing my chest as rise and fall of respirations slows to a lethal pace.  Remaining bubbles of life-giving oxygen escape my body.  Numb with death, a single tear slips down my cheek, the only evidence life…

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