Yesterday, I was smacked with a truth about myself that was a great “Aha!”, but didn’t feel so great in my body.

This realization sent me on yet another journey of self-discovery. I have been a willing participant in self-abandonment and self-abuse. So here is my personal statement on the matter:

Hello, My name is Michele and I have been treating myself horribly. My new story begins today. I love myself easily and freely. I release all thoughts of guilt, resentment and blame towards myself. I unshackle myself from the chains that go along with the word “SHOULD”. I am requiring of myself the space, time and energy to listen to my own voice, to cut the inner buzz and chaos out of my mind and to self-validate rather than seeking approval outside of myself. I create my reality intentionally. I show up for myself in every situation. I am a badass. I choose to #livefree of old thought patterns that didn’t serve me well

.Show up for yourself

Where do you need to show up for yourself? Love yourself? Free yourself?  I’d love to hear your insights in the space below!

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