“Two Weeks Post-op And All’s Well!”

I always thought the job of Town Cryer would be an awesome job. 
I mean, it’s almost like being paid to gossip. 
Having all of the inside info on the state of things..whether things are “all well” or “a real x@#$%&! mess”.. Well, anyway, I thought it would be a cool job to have. 
I suppose I’ve become my own personal “CRYER”. 
Don’t get too fidgety, I’m not doing any real crying-at least not this afternoon.
This morning-well, that was a different story, but not one we are diving into for now. 
Nonetheless, I am my own personal cryer..it’s up to me to declare the state of things…my things.
So here goes…
I’m two weeks post-op today (and all’s well!). 
Tomorrow, Bob, Lindsey and I will head down to Houston for (listed in order of importance):
1. Lunch with Katrina and Misty.
2. Post op appt with Dr. Kim to get my stitches out hear what he has to say about surgery.
So far, I’ve had only brief periods of time alone since surgery..an hour or so here and there. 
Thanks to my Daughter, Husband, Mom and Daughter-In-Love…I’ve been pretty well-handled. 
I’m not at all looking forward to starting my real days at home alone, which start on Friday. 
However, I’m pleased to report that I think I’m ready. 
I feel so much better today than I did two weeks after my first surgery. 
My pain has calmed way down. My eyes are better for longer periods.
My neck mobility is almost what it was before this surgery. 
Besides being tired, nauseated more than usual and having no change in hearing loss- I am very pleased. 
I know I owe a great debt to the many of you that have prayed for me. 
I am truly in your debt and am so thankful for you. 
Prayer is something I don’t take lightly.
My mom asked me while she was here if I ever wonder if all of the people that say, “I’m praying for you” truly are..I said, “No, I don’t”  I just make sure when I say those words, “Praying for you” that I stop right that minute and do just that. (Empty words never helped anyone) 
Guess what I found out, my mom does the same thing.  I’ve known her my whole life and never knew we had this in common.
I know there are times when my writing is sad, dark, selfish-even down right pathetic. 
I would apologize, but I don’t want to. 
I’m real. I’m a realist. 
On any given day I can go from dark and twisty to bright and shiny within seconds. 
 I don’t trust people that are happy all the time-It’s just not natural. 
Therefore, I  decided to remove the mask I sometimes default into wearing and just say it like it is. 
Love me-hate me, Leave me or keep me..
Whatever you decide, at least its a decision based on truth. 
Because YOU my friend know me inside and out. 
What you read is what you get. 
No more, no less. 
SO.. back to being my own personal Cryer.  
I’m pleased with my progress. I expect to return to Dallas tomorrow evening with no stitches in my head, a good surgical report to my credit and a warm place in my heart from spending the day with my husband, daughter-in-love and seeing my two sweet friends. 
The trip will be long (8 hrs of driving round trip), bumpy (we are taking my husband’s bumpy truck because we can’t all three squeeze into the two seats of our other car) and most likely painful (due to a combo of bumps and sunshine), so if you can spare a little more prayer-
We could use a little bit more for safe, painless, nausea-free travel and a good check-up. 
Thanks so much- I will try to post an update on Friday.

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