Writing With The Muse

Writing it out— Just a note about letting the muse work. I noticed a marked difference in the content of my writing while in Carmel. Mainly, the difference is that now I sit down with no forethought of what I will write. If I’m doing research or structuring chapters, that is a different mindset. I’m talking about my daily practice of “writing it out” (my personal label for the process). I open Scrivener to a blank page. Sometime, I scroll through my chapters to see what triggers and now…100 % of the time the content presents itself. The Muse steps in and the magic comes out. I am loving it and am daunted by it. Yesterday, in conversation with another writer, who has read only a few of my pieces, he said to me, “Do you know how rare your gift is? Writing like yours can’t be taught or learned. This gift was handed to you. Now.. What are you going to do with it?” 

All day those word have twisted themselves into tangles and knots in my head. “What are you going to DO with it?”

I am going to keep on writing my ass off!

The most scary (not in a scary way) part is that I never know where the Muse is going to take me. Recently, disturbing buried memories have been recovered through this process and I have been shaken to my core. Not by what happened to me..but because I literally forgot key parts of my life. KEY parts. It is amazing and humbling at the same time. What am I going to “DO” with it?

You guessed it. Keep on writing my ass off!

All of this to say…fight the resistance, Beautiful Writers…Trust the Muse and Write it out!


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