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Medical PTSD- Overcoming Doctor-Phobia

Do you have Medical PTSD? I sure do. There is a part of me that feels guilty for comparing the fear, apprehension and anxiety that comes along with doctor visits to the traumas most commonly related to PTSD, such as military service, sexual assault and physical abuse. Just when I start comparing my fear and anxiety to those types of fear and anxiety, I stop myself at the first twinge of guilt. I ask myself what advice I would give to a friend. How would I respond to a friend's medical appointment triggered anxiety? Would I say, "C'mon now, things could be so much worse..." or "Toughen up Buttercup!". The truth is, no, I would not.

So why am I so unkind, so unrealistic with myself? Aren't my feelings valid? Why yes, I think to myself, Yes, they are!

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