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We meet at last...

I'm Michele Collum, a Mississippi girl transplanted into southern Georgia.  By day, I work as a healthcare executive in a busy role I never saw myself in when I set out to become a registered nurse. By night, or any other hour, I chase my writing dream, plan adventures and spend allot f time researching and advocating for myself and other with Ehlers-Danolos Syndrome, Chiari Malformation and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  With three brain surgeries under my belt, or more realistically, behind the zipper in my skull, I know and understand the challenges of creating normalcy in life while managing chronic pain and symptoms that are ever changing and unpredictable.  I want my journey on this planet to be meaningful and my story...and continued stories to encourage and inspire others. Look around, I hope you will find encouragement. I'm glad you are here!

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Stay tuned...I'm under construction. 

coming soon...

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